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Hi, my name is Jared.

Welcome to my little nook of the internet.

About me

I'm a junior Computer Science B.S. at Clarkson University, graduating in the spring of 2019.

In my spare time, I work on open source projects. I've working on an Infiniband-based SLURM cluster for solving molecular equations, working with A/V hardware to set up a hockey stream in the Clarkson University TV studio, and other projects that peak my interest. I also help a lot with people's hardare and software problems where I can.

Go to GitHub/jrddunbr to see my open source projects.

I also work part-time at the Clarkson University Downtown Campus in Old Main, where I am currently working at the colocation facility, run by the IT department. Some daily tasks include setting up sensor arrays, ground cables, and running fiber optic cables through conduits.


I can be contacted via jrddunbr@gmail.com.