The Rulebook


These various rules apply within the LL Discord Server, and also to the Minecraft Servers hosted at (*.)

This document is intended to help you along by setting some guidelines. If there's ever concern or ambiguity, it's best to contact Jared D. (the owner). Contact information is located at the bottom of this document.

General Guidelines

Most of this is common sense guidelines for social interactions.

Minecraft-specific Guidelines

This section is a bit more specific. This section regards playing on the Minecraft server.

Contact Information

The best way to contact Jared is by emailing for the LL minecraft server and Discord. Your email's contents may be shared with other server administrators and moderators for the LL server as we see fit.

PGP key fingerprints (for sending signed/encrpted mail) are:

One of them is an RSA key, the other an ed25519 key. Some programs can only use the RSA key, but the ed25519 key is more secure.